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Tengen Uzui’s Spouses: Who they are and just why He has got step three

Tengen Uzui’s Spouses: Who they are and just why He has got step three

Tengen Uzui was a character for the Devil Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba’s in which he is the greatest known as somebody who has step three wives. He’s an effective flamboyant character with lots of charm and you will charm, so it is easy to assume which hunk having step 3 wives.

This can be told me of the Tanjiro who asserted that Tengen’s family members methods polygamy. Polygamy means a person is in the a love or ily’s direct decides step 3 spouses for their boys when guys turn 15.

Additional info on Tengen’s spouses would-be shared, such as for example their labels, personalities, their looks, and their relationship that have Tengen Uzui.


Makio is actually an effective kunoichi plus one of wives from Tengen Uzui. Kunoichi was an expression utilized for girls ninjas, thus Makio is quite skillful inside ninjutsu. Makio try younger, the girl top try average and her physique is actually voluptuous while you are the girl attention is fantastic and enormous that will be framed from the large lashes. The lady hair is black that have wonderful-brownish bangs.

Makio is renowned for her headstrong identification. This woman is determined and you may knows what she desires. The woman is happy with by herself possesses very good trust. Makio is not totally insensitive, because she would-be viewed fretting about Tengen’s fitness.

She does not have any superhuman efficiency but she was created in the a shinobi relatives, ergo Makio has got the exact same performance because an effective ninja.


Suma is even more youthful with a good voluptuous looks, this woman is brief and her hair is black colored and neck-length additionally the fucks are small. Suma’s eyes features a shade of sapphire. She ends up a person who is really amicable and you can instance a beneficial lady that is seeing every aspect of the girl life.

Suma is wearing a short sleeveless top that shows their cleavage and her skirt is actually safeguarded having an obi which is away from a light color.

Suma’s identity is a bit unpleasant, since she wants to overload her responses concerning your products when you look at the hence she finds out by herself. In place of Makio Suma isn’t certain of herself specially when she is within a combat as she will be able to be seen sobbing. This is mostly viewed inside battle with the fresh new Obi Devil. Suma comes with the same effect whenever she is becoming acknowledged from the Tengen.

The woman is a lady shinobi as well, however, their identification enjoys good affect the girl feel while the driving a car and you may uncertainty capture a toll on her behalf event.


Since you have thought chances are regarding Tengen’s preferences, Hiantsuru is actually an early on lady, however, her looks is different from that from the two other women that had been above mentioned.

She’s from typical height, thin along with her hair is black and you can enough time. She looks form and you will soft along with her huge sweet almond-designed attention and another mole that’s receive following next the woman remaining eyes.

Hiantsuru has on a preliminary lavender sleeveless skirt that presents cleavage identical to with other spouses and you may brown fishnets one to arrive at to help you the woman leg.

Hiantsuru is best recognized for the woman relaxed temperament and a really sweet identity and the woman perseverance. She has also been experienced loving to help you the woman spouse. During matches, Hiantsuru keeps a strategic head and you will a mental thought processes. Those individuals go really well with her fearlessness.

Just like their most other wives, Hiantsuru is a beneficial shinobi. This enables the woman to-be a lot better than regular people, because of the girl training. However, she has no superpowers.

Tengen Uzui’s remedy for their spouses

Tengen has a large amount of value having his spouses, while the as he involved to join brand new Devil Slaying Corps, the guy asked his spouses if they have been ok with this decision. Something else entirely would be the fact Tengen usually do not stay when someone insults his spouses which will show that he’s extremely protective of them.

Tengen areas every one of his wives, nevertheless question for you is if the the guy wants these within exact same height. The solution can be as it cannot become determined with full confidence. Particular say that the guy likes Suma probably the most since the she is actually new girlfriend just who he previously selected due to the fact his first. Someone else disagree, as they genuinely believe that Tengen and you may Hiantsuru get the best spouse-wife dating regarding manga.

As to why he has around three wives

Your family Uzui enjoys a traditions in which all the child must feel partnered to 3 wives and though these wives is actually picked by lead of your family unit members, a person must accept they. New wives is picked of the its being compatible for the men out-of the Uzui family. Exactly why Tengen Uzui features about three spouses is straightforward. It is because it’s a household lifestyle of Uzui.

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